Monday, January 24, 2011

How To Protect Yourself from Bedbugs

I know that we don't want to talk about it, but bedbugs have become such an issue that several websites have sprung up to help travelers scope out hotels at their destination. Check out and

Whether a hotel has bedbugs is not a reflection of luxury or not. Any lodging establishment can become infested because they provide the food source:  sleeping bodies.

So how do you protect yourself ? First thing to do is to make sure the hotel isn't on a "hot list."  Second, is to get out the folding luggage rack with the metal legs.  Pest Management of Texas President, Brian DiCicco, says, "The bugs have a hard time getting a grip on those legs, so your suitcase and its contents may be protected from an invasion."

Next, he recommends taking the sheets off the mattress and look at the seams on the bed — they can accumulate on the seams." The bugs are big enough to see--about the size of an apple seed.

He also recommends removing and inspecting the head broad. Look for traces of fecal spotting and dark brown stain that results from people's blood.

Just so you know, bedbugs don't generally transmit disease. You can consider that the good news.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Destination Wedding Bliss at Dreams Tulum


We had so much fun, it was the perfect wedding and you were 100% right on with the resort, was so relaxing. The staff grounds and food was just what we needed. We are looking forward to heading back as soon as possible. here are a few pics.

Zeb Herinckx

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You Did Not Proposed Over Christmas, Why Not on Valentine's Day?

On February 14, 2011 the Ritz proposes an unforgettable Saint Valentine's Day. Whether it is in the intimacy of a room or at L'Espadon restaurant for a romantic gourmet dinner, the Ritz Paris will celebrate this special day like nowhere else.

The hotel's floral designer, will create enchanting flower arrangements especially for this occasion. To make this celebration even more special, on the evening of February 14th, the Ritz Paris will offer his guests a romantic ride on the Place Vendôme in a carriage drawn by magnificent horses.


Upon arrival all guests will be offered a bottle of Ritz Champagne and a chocolate surprise especially created by  the Ritz Paris Pastry Chef.

The Ritz will discreetly place a superb rose in the room.

As a souvenir of this very special occasion, each couple will receive one gift to choose from:

For ladies: a "Brigitte Bardot" limited edition of Repetto ballerinas.

For gentlemen: a deluxe shoe shine kit by famous shoemaker J. M. Weston

A Special Valentine's Day offer from 1st to 28th February 2011.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Save Money on a Spa Vacation

Spa Magazine Worldwide Guide 2011 offers tips on how to save money on a spa vacation in their Annual Issue.  All offer great suggestions to maximize your vacation budget.  The tips are listed below.

1.  Consider traveling during low or shoulder seasons.
2. Fly on Wednesdays.
3. Join online club:  like a facebook page, sign-up for spa newsletters.
4. Ask for deals upfront.  Your travel agent can help with this.
5. Book Spa appointments early in the day.
6. Explore other options in your destination.

A Way To Go Travel received advanced copies of the Worldwide Guide 2011.  Look for it on newstands.