Thursday, August 28, 2014

How a Travel Advisor Can Benefit You!

"The best travel agents are essentially consultants and many prefer to be called travel advisors because their advice, expertise and connections are of great value to you, the traveler."

We often get asked questions such as:
"Where is the best place to go? Where is the best place to stay? What are the best things to do? Where are the best places to dine?"
The truth is... Almost always, there is no best place - but there is a best for you, and that is why a relationship with a great travel advisor is so beneficial. The travel advisors of A Way To Go Travel know the right questions to ask you to get to know you and the things you enjoy. We use this information combined with our expertise, knowledge and relationships to guarantee you the best vacation experience!
An expert travel advisor can save you TIME. There is an overwhelming number of travel products and information available in today's market for individuals to decipher through on their own. Having someone to help guide you through the various options and assist in selecting the right vacation or tour for you is the best way to guarantee a pleasant travel experience. Often, our clients are impressed with our ability to secure all the components of a trip including accommodations, transfers, sightseeing tours, theatre tickets and more with ease and in a timely manner!
We can save you MONEY. There is a difference between price and value and the more traveler's realize this, the more they are choosing to book using a travel advisor. It just makes more sense! Many will shy away from using a travel agency because they think they'll be charged a fee for the agency's services. This is not the case with A Way To Go Travel! We make our money by booking through wholesalers and travel suppliers that combine pieces of your trip to condense the price giving us lower rates. In some instances, we may get the same rate that the client has found, but with the connections and relationships that our agency has with several tour, cruise and hotel companies we may be able to get you extras that you would not have received if you booked the trip by yourself. Extras include upgraded hotel rooms, welcoming basket or bottle of champagne, free breakfast, and more! Travel advisors are here to benefit you and make your travel and vacation experiences as pleasant and enjoyable as possible!
A Way To Go Travel has thrived on being the best in the industry since opening the doors in 1995. All of our travel advisors have worked in the travel industry for nearly 20 years and each have their areas of expertise! Working with KNOWLEDGEABLE travel advisors makes planning your next vacation a breeze! Often, people don't really know what kind of vacation they are looking for, are overwhelmed with information from the internet, or don't know what is available to them... Which is where we come in! Our job is to assist you and provide you with several options that fit with your wants and personality! Not only do we assist in booking your trip, we help you to discover and build your dream vacations as well! We can offer you authentic advice on traveling to different destinations or resorts that you may not have known existed without our help. Another perk to using an expert advisor is that we have often traveled to the same places we are sending you and can share our first hand experiences to help you select the trip that best suits you. International travel is another area often difficult for travelers to fully grasp because travel requirements are different for different destinations. Your travel advisor would notify you from the very start of the planning process of all the documents needed and the steps to get these documents. When booking travel, it all comes down to the details and flawless travel plans lie within the details.
The RELATIONSHIPS and CONNECTIONS travel agencies have is unbelievable! A way To Go Travel is a Signature affiliated agency giving us access to luxury resorts, hotels and on-site advisors. When planning your trip to Tahiti, Asia or Australia and you aren't sure where to start, would you rather call us or look to the internet? We have tour guides, on-site advisors and personnel all over the world that we communicate with to customize and plan your trip to meet all your travel wishes. Our knowledge combined with their expertise of the area will provide you with a much better experience than any experience you would get if you used the internet to plan your vacation.
Having a travel agent available to you during your travel can give you PEACE OF MIND. Even with extensive planning and months of preparation you may still hit bumps along the way. Flights get cancelled, hotel rooms aren't what you were expecting, etc. A travel agent is there to help get you through these moments and assist in getting your vacation back on the right path. A small hiccup doesn't have to ruin your 7 day vacation if you have someone dedicated to making sure your vacation is nothing less than AMAZING!